This is the Era of Biotechnology. Biotechnology is an Interdisciplinary Subject.

It is basically a combination of Biology + Technology. When we use living organisms with technology and produce that product that is useful to human beings and contributes to the welfare of society, this branch of science is known as Biotechnology.

Now the question arises, how to take admission in this course?

To take admission in this course a candidate requires to qualify class XII with Biology, Mathematics, or Agriculture as a subject.

A candidate who is admitted to a degree course like B.Sc Biotechnology will get a chance to study around 25 subjects which makes the candidate specialized in Biotechnology, making it far better than a general B.Sc pass course.

There are numerous job opportunities after completion of B.Sc Biotechnology. One can work as Technical Assistant in Food & Dairy, Medical, Pharma, Agriculture, Environment, Hospitals or Forensic Department. The possible salary structure is 20K to 60K.

Furthermore, if a candidate wants to go for high-grade jobs then one can opt for a master’s degree in Biotechnology and its sub-branches like M.Sc Biotechnology, Microbiology, Genetic Engineering, Forensic Science, Bioinformatics, Environmental Biotechnology, Plant Biotechnology, Animal Biotechnology, Agriculture Biotechnology, Computation Biotechnology, etc.

Completion of a master’s degree opens up the scope for the candidate to work as Research Assistant or Research Scientist in any government organization or private organization.

One can also go for a lectureship if he /she qualifies for the NET examination. On qualifying for the NET-JRF exams, they are also eligible for the CSIR-UGC fellowship once enrolled in Ph.D. Program.

One can also go for PG Diploma in Clinical Research, Bioinformatics and Environment Biotechnology or Environmental Sciences.

Another option available apart from a master’s degree in biotechnology is, MBA in Hospital Management which opens up the scope for management positions after their MBA. One can also go for MBA in Biotechnology which later opens up to Management positions in Biotech industries.

Once a student is Post Graduate the doors to the industries open up in Research, pharma industries, Clinical Research, Medical, and Marketing.

Even students can do a diploma in IPR and can work as a patent attorney, they can also go for Mass communication and can work in the field of scientific Journalism and Scientific Blogging.

Another emerging field of this era is Entrepreneurship which is also been attracting a lot of young bio technicians with innovation and ideas. As is well known that Biotechnology is directly related to societal welfare and through entrepreneurship, you not only can work for your passion but also can contribute directly to society.

In INDIA to enhance the scope of Biotechnology, the Indian Government is planning to make India a Biotechnology Hub by 2020. The government has released several schemes and projects in the Biotechnology sector, the only need is to catch hold of the opportunities.

The present demand of the Biotechnology Sector is good qualitative and skilled candidates with ample understanding of the field and zeal to work for quality outcomes. So if one is looking to make a career in Biotechnology for the sky is the limit.

Listen to the expert Dr. Sonika Saxena, Vice Principal, Dr. B. Lal Institute of Biotechnology, Jaipur below!

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