Short Note on the Difference Between Biotechnology and Bioinformatics

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Let’s see the meaning of both the terms Bioinformatics and Biotechnology.

What is Bioinformatics?

The use of bioinformatics in the last few years is in genetics and genomics, particularly in those areas which include large-scale DNA sequencing. All the management and analysis issues of biological data can be easily solved by bioinformatics algorithms, statistical, and computational techniques.

Some of the common activities related to bioinformatics are aligning protein sequences, and DNA, viewing and creating 3-D models of protein structures, and mapping and analyzing DNA and protein sequences.

What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is used to make a product for specific use by using biological systems. It overlaps various fields like bioengineering and related fields, because of its varied applications. The use of biotechnology is expanding to various scientific fields such as seed technology, agriculture, cell biology, virology, immunology, plant physiology, etc.

But both the fields are interrelated and mainly bioinformatics is dependent on biotechnology.

Career options in Bioinformatics

There are different career opportunities available which are Database programmer, Scientific curator, gene and protein analyst, phylogenetics, bioinformatics software developer, Research associate/scientist, pharmacogenetics, computational biologist, Bio-statistician, cheminformatics, Molecular modeler, biomechanics.

Who can study bioinformatics?

  • Some colleges in India offer Bachelor of Technology courses in bioinformatics.
  • Candidates who have bachelor’s degrees in the field of bioinformatics can opt for master’s doctoral-level courses in India as well as in foreign universities.

Career options in Biotechnology

Bio-technologists work as frontline workers in the search for new and sustainable food resources. As a biotechnologist, you can work in various sectors like food manufacturing, health care, environmental sector, industrial sector, medical sector, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Who can study biotechnology?

  • For a master’s degree in biotechnology, students can pursue M.Tech or M.Sc after their bachelor’s.
  • Students who have done a bachelor’s in the life sciences can do a PG in biotechnology.
  • Students can also opt for research and development by pursuing Ph.D. degrees in biotechnology.

Job prospects in Biotechnology

Job prospects of biotechnology in India would see huge growth with the COVID pandemic as new medicines would be researched, new immunity boosters would be developed and new work would be performed in many biotechnology-relevant sectors.

The job in biotechnology is related to both dry and wet laboratory works that include jobs like sample extraction, preparation, and various further process. The field of work is related to genetics, microbiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, etc.

Candidates can get jobs in various sectors like pharmaceutical companies, food companies, research labs, agriculture department, enzyme labs, soil department. Medical institutes etc.

In easy language, it is the usage of biological processes and technologies to make new products for the betterment of the livelihood of human beings.

Job prospects in bioinformatics

Candidates can get jobs in various fields like agriculture, medicine, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and chemistry.

It is mainly related to dry laboratory works, where bioinformatics uses the biotechnology samples to deeply analyze using them with computer software. Bioinformatics job roles include the usage of software tools and databases to easily answer biological questions more effectively. Job roles for bioinformatic students can be a science technician, bioinformatics analyst, research associate, junior research fellow, bioinformatics scientist, etc.

Scope in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics

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